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You will also be able to ask a real estate agent to review and improve the valuation.

As a landlord or a tenant, you can view competing similar rental properties and determine the best market rent for your property.
You can assess if the asking price is a fair market value, and you will receive evidence to use in your negotiation.
If you are thinking to rent
How does our online valuation tool work?
Enter the address or cadastral reference number.
Indicate the characteristics of the property so that Trovimap can choose the best comparable properties for you i.e. square meters, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
We generate a detailed valuation report with sale price, rent price and market analysis, including details of the comparable properties used and information about the area.
Very easy:
Our proprietary algorithm looks deeply into our real estate database of available properties, sold properties and the cadastral information. At Trovimap we utilize an artificial intelligence application to understand relevant geolocation data to choose the best comparable properties and determine the most accurate valuation possible. Our machine learning algorithm gets smarter everyday, so we also send you a FREE updated valuation every month for your review.
When is the right time to get a valuation of a home?
It's always good to know the value of your home so you can optimize your financial plan. The value of your home is always changing and your view on hold versus sell may vary as the economy fluctuates.
Before you make an offer to buy a home, it is best to gather as much information as possible on your own or through a real estate agent who represents you only. It is not recommended that you receive valuation information solely from the real estate agent representing the seller.
Before you sell your home, it is best to do some preliminary investigation before talking to a real estate agent.
Before you rent a home, its best to research the competition. Trovimap shows you every similar property for rent in the immediate area.
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